Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions. Please contact the university for any additional questions.

How do I obtain a Warrior ID Card?

Warrior ID Cards are issued by arrangement. Please visit the Warrior ID Card page at for the latest information.

Note: Students, faculty and staff do not pay for their first Warrior ID Card. Replacement cards may be purchased for $5.00. Additionally, faculty and staff needing to have their picture taken for door access may do so without charge.

How do I use my Warrior ID Card to access my meal plan?

You can use your Warrior ID Card at all Campus dining locations. Give your card to the attendant at the checkout register and tell him/her that you wish to use your meal plan account. When the card is swiped it will reduce your meal plan balance.

If you also have Warrior Cash on your Warrior ID Card and want to use that to pay for an item rather than your meal plan, just let the checkout attendant know. When your card is swiped it will reduce your Warrior cash balance.

What else can I do with my Warrior ID Card?

Library - Use your Card to check out library materials and access other resources and services.

Enrollment Services - Your Card will be swiped to access your student records.

Fitness Center Pass - Access privileges for current students, faculty, and staff.

Student Health Center - Student identification to receive health services and Warrior Cash accepted at the pharmacy.

Warrior Cash - Make cashless purchases and pay for services at campus locations (e.g., bookstore, pharmacy, University Police) and local businesses.

Banking Convenience - Make your card an ATM/PIN-debit card when you link it to a Wells Fargo College Checking account.

OIT Lab Print Account - You can use Warrior Cash to add funds to your OIT Computer Lab Print Balance account.

For more information go to Warrior ID Card Frequently Asked Questions.

Do local business accept Warrior Cash?

For a current list of accepting locations go to the Warrior ID Card web site, Accepting Locations.

How do I put Warrior Cash on my Warrior ID Card?

Anyone can add a Warrior Cash account to their Warrior ID Card. Adding value to Warrior Cash is easy and can be in any dollar amount. You can add a "one-time amount" or set up a "recurring allowance".

Go to the Warrior Cash web site at to see all the methods of adding prepaid cash to your Warrior ID Card. It can be added online, in person, by mail, and by phone.

What should I do if my Warrior ID Card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you realize that your Warrior ID Card is missing, you should immediately report it so that the accounts and other privileges associated with the card can be deactivated.

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately by calling Warrior ID Card Customer Service at 1-866-575-7826, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. PST or by visiting My Account, available 24/7.

Meal Plan

If you have a Meal Plan, visit the Campus Dining office located in Main Dining or call (209) 667-3635 to deactivate your Meal Plan account. When you receive your replacement card, take it to Campus Dining to reactivate your Meal Plan.

Please contact with questions.

How to get a replacement Warrior ID Card?

It is advised to report your lost/stolen Warrior Card to Warrior Cash. The link for Warrior Cash contact information is .

Please browse to and follow the section labeled Replacement Warrior Cards. There is a $5 fee for your replacement cards that can be paid at the Cashier Office on campus at MSR100 or online at .

Once payment is verified by the Cashier Office, the card will be printed and mailed to the mailing address you have on file in your Student Portal.

Cards can be picked up on campus if preferred, by arrangement by emailing .

How to Link My Warrior ID Card to My Wells Fargo Checking Account?

To link your Warrior ID Card to your Wells Fargo checking account, take your card to a local Wells Fargo Branch and see a banker.

Wells Fargo Locations:

2844 Geer Road, Turlock
440 E. Olive Avenue, Turlock
1120 K Street, Modesto